BG Players Edition EW Bat


  • The best in the class, this bat is beautifully designed for economical range and high performance.
  • This is a premium english willow and you can expect high quality performance since its hand picked by us.
  • You should expect a light pick up and well balanced bat with grain count of 6 or more. All our bats come with padded covers, extra grip and scuff sheet.
  • We do recommend knocking on all the bats and you can always opt in to get it knocked by us at a minimal charge.
  • We highly recommend you to opt in warranty for atleast 2 years as bats are natural product and they are bound to break at some point. Lifecycle of a cricket bat depends on usage, storage and playing conditions. We offer warranty keeping all these factors in mind and knowing that warranty replacements will be at least 70 percent or more in 2 year lifecycle.
  • Disclaimer – Customer cannot claim for lost or stolen products, we can only give you replacements for damaged goods once the damaged product has been returned back to us.

Bat Specifications

  • Exclusively Hand Selected and nurtured
  • Traditionally Shaped
  • Choice of Long Handle/Long Blade/Short Handle
  • Artistically sculpted to enhance pick up and maintain balance
  • High tensile grip for improved shot
  • Rebound technology with state of art pressing
  • 100 percent Singapore Manau cane handle to match highest quality standards
  • Shock absorption handle
  • Premium grading and personal selection of clefts
  • Efficiently balanced to reduce the overall weight for an extra lite feel and maximum power
  • Extra thick edges to enhance the sweet spot
  • Magnificent rebound quality
  • Enormous driving power
  • Extra thick contoured flowing edges
  • Top quality labeling without any compromise
  • Composite toe guard
  • Exclusive Grade premium English willow for opening batsman or bat lovers
  • Pre-knocked for around 400 strokes with a world class machinery, however prior knocking is must
Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 6 in

Heavy, Light, Medium

Extra Grip

No, Yes

Bat Size



No, Yes

Bat Insurance

No, Yes (1 Year), Yes (2 Year)


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Why Choose Knocking from us and why extra $40 is worth the money

  • Machine Knocked until bat is ready, no limitation on knock counts
  • Hand Knock on Edges to make them rounded
  • Oiling and Waxing before and after knocking
  • Extra Grip will be added for perfect balance ensuring weight is equally distributed

The most common type of breakage in a cricket bat is on the edges and toes, people often get confused with those ready to play stickers. Bat always requires knocking for it to be durable, long lasting and perform to its maximum potential

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