Ben Stokes Player Edition


  • Shortened L540 Blade Design For Dynamic Sweet spot
  • Handle Length 310mm
  • F4.5 Face Profile
  • Power arc Bow Face Profile
  • Traditional Full Blade Profile
  • Flowing Contoured Spine
  • Mid Swell Position For All round Stroke play
  • Made In England From Prime English Willow
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Player Edition Bats:

GM’s DXM technology allows us to offer precise replicas of leading GM Players’ Bats. The label of the bat will be as  the Player will use during the current season, see player for details. Our unique Computer Aided Manufacture produces bats to the precise player profile and dimensions. Now, keen cricketers around the World can use the precise shapes used by GM’s top international stars.

PLAYER EDITION bats are made from very select LE timber and are finished with prestige PLAYER EDITION identification and superb laser engraved player autographs. GM NOW! and ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard. PLAYER EDITION bat weights cannot be specified and will be “as finished”. See Player for each individual specification.

Ben Stokes Player Edition DXM

Ben is currently using Diamond labels with the following bat dimensions:

Swell depth = 65mm

Edge depth = 39mm

Weight between 2.10lb -2.11lb

ORIGINAL L.E.Specification, Special Selection

The finest unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow

Selected for grain structure and weight

Limited by willow availability

Bats individually tested to ensure 5 Star performance

Fitted with top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control

GM NOW! & ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard

Bat Grade         PLAYER EDITION

Bat Size Senior

Bat Material     English Willow

Blade Length     555mm

Handle Length  Short

Country of Manufacture: Made By England’s Best In Nottingham England


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Why Choose Knocking from us and why extra $40 is worth the money

  • Machine Knocked until bat is ready, no limitation on knock counts
  • Hand Knock on Edges to make them rounded
  • Oiling and Waxing before and after knocking
  • Extra Grip will be added for perfect balance ensuring weight is equally distributed

The most common type of breakage in a cricket bat is on the edges and toes, people often get confused with those ready to play stickers. Bat always requires knocking for it to be durable, long lasting and perform to its maximum potential

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